Tuesday, July 18, 2006

AWOL But Not Forgotten

OK, so for the handful of you who check this blog, I'm sorry I've been AWOL. I have been blogging about Boundless, though, on my personal blog. Check it out!

To whet your appetite:I shared why the article "Single While Active" remained a computer file for nearly a year before I submitted it. My friend Dave wrote an excellent article, (and I commented) about our often lacking motives for evangelism. Then I pointed to a set of articles—one written by me, the other written by John Thomas—designed to clue you in on what the opposite sex is thinking. And finally, I hailed "Stop Test-Driving Your Girlfriend" as a much-needed response to the question: "How do I know if she's the one?"

If you haven't already checked out these articles, I hope you will. And remember, semi-regular comment on Boundless articles can be found on my personal blog, Suzanne's Second Estate.